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Оhh eyes....the mirror of the soul.

четвъртък, 28 януари 2010 г.

London Street Style:

Natural Home finger nail care

Health can be determined by your nail color. Healthy nails are translucent and look a little pinkish because of the blood underneath. Removal of all nail varnish every week and allowing nails for breathing are important.

Home finger nail care:

CoConut Oil & Castor Oil Nails can be made to shine by massaging coconut oil or warm castor oil on them. You can also apply dry soap to your nail and buff, or you can use lemon peel with the same result.

Healthy Nail Care using Lemon Juice

A cotton-tipped swab moistened in hydrogen-peroxide whiten your nails. Dipping your nails in a mixture of cup of water with one tablespoon of lemon juice is wanted before a nail manicure. Your fingertips are to be inserted in half a lemon and you have to twist you fingers back and front to clean the cuticles and nails.

Finger Massage for Nail Care

Before applying nail varnish, you can apply a base coat of three smooth strokes from the nail bed to the nail tip and then allow to dry before giving a second coat and then a third coat.

петък, 15 януари 2010 г.

Problem: Oily Hair & Greasy Hair

If you have a greasy hair, should be washed every third or fourth day or even more often, depending on your individual comfort. A good, nutritious liquid hair shampoo is often the best answer. Excessive oiliness, when neglected, which often leads to the downfall of hair and premature baldness, especially in men, after 35. Dealt in time, the loss can be controlled significantly, however, have lost their hair can not be replaced.

How To Stop Hair Loss:

Combination of lime juice and warm water will prevent hair loss. Applying hibiscus oil on scalp is indispensable for prevention of hair loss.
Hair loss and dryness of hair can be prevented by application of egg white before shampooing your hair.
Lotus Petals to stop hair loss:
Your dry hair will be made gentle by heating water and showing your hair to the steam and massaging hair and scalp with half cup of hot olive oil. Adding 2 lotus petals can act as anti gray hair agent to prevent the gray hair.
Your hair can be prevented from becoming gray by adding lotus petals to 2 glass of water and bring it to boil. Then after simmering and stirring the mixture a little bit you cool it and then drink it in morning and evening.

вторник, 12 януари 2010 г.

Beauty Tips For Your Hair! :)

Milk is a very good conditioner to your hair. Take some milk(preferrably cold) apply with brush or using a spray bottle, comb your hair gently, wait for 30 mins, wash your hair with shampoo, do not use conditioner after shampoo as Milk is a natural conditioner and leaves your hair silky and soft

неделя, 10 януари 2010 г.

Sexy 5 inch High Heels with Open Toe "EL - 512 Mimi"
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